Global decetrlized currency based on blockchain technology / get travelcoin

TravelCoin is a global currency based on blockchain technology. It is the answer to fundamental coordination problems amongst payment processes and financial relationships in the tourism business sector. By enabling decentralized currency and user-friendly wallet, TravelCoin provides a next-generation value transfer service across national borders operating among touristic companies, tour operators, hotels, global services such as, Hostelworld, HomeAway and between people.

TravelCoin blockchain system will consist of digital TC-wallet application and two cryptocurrencies – TravelCoin (TCT) based on Ethereum blockchain (Proof-of-Work algorithm) and TravelCoin Cryptocurrency (TCC) based on TravelCoin blockchain (Proof-of-Importance algorithm). Each blockchains has its own advantages and the end customer has opportunity to choose which cryptocurrency to use.

The core innovation behind the TravelCoin blockchain system is its decentralized structure. Unlike traditional fiat currencies, the TravelCoin has no central control, no central repository of information, no central management and no central point of failure. Through the TravelCoin blockchain system anyone will be able easily to conduct financial transactions in a completely decentralized and inexpensive way, network allows millions of people to transition from using fiat money to using decentralized currency which will make the world better.


Fundamental problems that TravelCoin solves